Help make the ordinary extraordinary for children like Allira in complex or palliative care.

The simple joy of a getaway by the sea may seem ordinary for some. But for families with children who live everyday with illness and uncertainty, the chance to experience a beach holiday is extraordinary.

At just 13 weeks old Allira was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder, so rare that she is one of only 700 people in the world with this condition. Allira’s mum Remiko was told there was no cure and Allira would require ongoing care for the rest of her life.

Please take a moment to watch Allira and Remiko’s story. 

“At the age of one, Allira was booked in for surgery at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, which unfortunately did not go to plan,” Remiko shares.

“Allira ended up staying in hospital for several months and during this time we were told she might only have a few weeks to live.”

“Amazingly she pulled through and we eventually got to go home but from that moment on, we realised we needed to continue to make lots of memories with her  because we didn’t know at that stage how long she was going to live.”

On three occasions Remiko has been told she needed to say goodbye to her daughter. Remiko says, “It doesn’t get any easier the next time you hear it.”

The uncertainty of life with a child with complex needs means daily life requires constant forward planning. Allira’s round-the-clock care, specialised equipment, medication and feeding requirements must always be taken into account.

Allira's many treatments

At the age of 12, Allira has already undergone 12 surgeries and has spent over 800 days in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Amidst the chaos of living every day not knowing what is around the corner, the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation Laklinyeri Beach House in Victor Harbor provided the family with the opportunity for a beach getaway. The purpose-built holiday home is medically equipped for families with children with extreme and complex needs.

Remiko explains “We were lucky enough to go down to the Beach House, it’s such a beautiful space. It was a huge relief to know that part of our lives wasn’t finished. To have those smiling, happy photos and memories to cherish forever is amazing.”

Supporting families and their sick children everyday.

From the moment families walk into the Laklinyeri Beach House they are immediately filled with the sense that the home has been thoughtfully and lovingly created for them.

Your support will fund services and programs like the Beach House that directly benefit families like Allira and Remiko’s.

Why is the Beach House so special?

Going on a holiday is not an easy undertaking for families whose children are in palliative care or who have complex medical needs. However, their wish to holiday as a family and create treasured memories in the limited years they have together is why our Laklinyeri Beach House was built.

Allira's time at the Beach House

Located in Encounter Lakes at Victor Harbor, the Beach House was carefully designed, constructed, and medically equipped to meet the specific needs of the very special families who stay, while the bright and beautiful interiors, landscaping and sweeping views of the lake create a sense of calm and wellness.