WCH Foundation Grant Applications 18/19

The Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation receives some donations for which the donor preference is that the funds be directed to a particular ward, department or purpose within the hospital.  Whilst these designated donor funds (DDF) are not made on the ‘condition’ that the funds be directed as specified, the WCHF is committed to following donor’s wishes for the allocation of funds whenever it is possible and practical. In 2018 the Foundation is wanting to disburse the funds currently available.

The purpose of these funds is to make a difference for families.

Grants Process


Available funds will be allocated by WCHF to eligible areas in one round during this financial year.

  • September 2018 – Areas notified of funds available and grant applications open
  • November 16, 2018, Grant applications close
  • November 30, 2018, – Grants team with representation from the WCHF and the WCHN assess all applications
  • First week in December 2018, divisions notified of successful grants


  • Improvement to patient/family psychological experience
  • Impact (qualitative/ quantitative) on the hospital environment
  • Impact on patient / family hospital experience
  • Reach many patients / families
  • Innovative, leading edge programs that are planned, assessed for effectiveness
  • Initiatives that acknowledge 140 years of caring
  • New/ improved / more efficient technology – cheaper ongoing costs/allows greater patient flow through
  • Additions to services
  • Fits with the Arts in Health strategy


The WCHF will not consider covering:

  • Salaries or positions as it would not be sustainable in the future
  • Standard replacement/maintenance of equipment
  • Clinical items for which government funding has ceased

Key Contacts


Jodi Wright, Head of Corporate Services
jodi.wright@wchfoundation.org.au | (08) 8464 7900

Deb Garrick, Operations Co-ordinator
deb.garrick@wchfoundation.org.au | (08) 8464 7915


Karen Rogers, Manager, Finance and Business Support – Executive Office
Karen.Rogers@sa.gov.au | (08) 8161 9298


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