Hospital home to SALA exhibitions

Exhibitions that are part of SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival – the state’s largest and most inclusive visual arts event – are once again on show in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital thanks to the Foundation’s Arts in Health program.

For the past seven years the Foundation has participated in SALA with exhibitions installed in the heart galleries at the Hospital. This year’s SALA exhibitions truly offer art for everyone, with amazing travel photographs, to quirky watercolour drawings, mark-making representing the journey of life, and works created by staff and volunteers of the Women’s and Children’s Health Network (WCHN) on show.


WCHN employee Tim Boord in front of his works installed in Talent Within.

Talent Within – Blue Heart Gallery

Talent Within celebrates the artistic talent of the staff and volunteers of the WCHN. This exhibition offers the opportunity to see staff and volunteers in a new light and showcases a different side to the individuals who assist in the treatment and care of many South Australian children, women and families.

The Blue Heart Gallery is located on Ground Floor, Zone A — near the entrance to Allied Health and Hospital School.

Life Maps – Yellow Heart Gallery

Jingwei Bu has used drawing and mark-making in her exhibition ‘Life Maps’ to externalise her inner life, a representation of the accumulated joys and suffering of a life lived.

Jingwei approaches the making of these drawings in the spirit of time-based performance. Each drawing is allocated a period of several hours, where Jingwei methodically works her way around the page.  This documents her journey into memory, experience and reflection. The quality of the mark-making varies from intense repetitive lines, to spiral forms, and number sequencing; which evokes a highly personal and idiosyncratic system of thought.

The Yellow Heart Gallery is located on Level 1, Zone F — just past the Queen Victoria Lecture Theatre.

Monster Mash – Green Heart Gallery

To celebrate Book Week in mid-August, Sue Ninham, has unleashed a new series of quirky watercolour monsters for ‘Monster Mash’.

Following her father’s death, Sue began painting a series of watercolour creatures or ‘Monsters’. Understandably, Sue was very sad at the time, however, was also prolific in her creative output. The Monsters were a part of her outpouring of creative energy.

The Monsters made their first public appearance in 2012, when Sue won the  Adelaide Fringe poster competition. Monster Mash showcases five of the original gang and unleashes 12 new quirky creatures to bring a smile to your dial!

The Green Heart Gallery is located on Level 2, Zone D – near Hospital Café.



Dr Suzanne Mashtoub, ‘Kindred’ spirits, photograph.

Invisible Threads – Orange Heart Gallery

Last year’s winner of Talent Within, Dr Suzanne Mashtoub, presents her first solo exhibition ‘Invisible Threads’ featuring her amazing travel photographs from adventures around the globe.

When Dr Mashtoub isn’t travelling the globe taking breathtaking photographs, she is leading a research group at the WCH Gastroenterology Department, investigating the use of emu oil in intestinal disorders. Dr Mashtoub is also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Adelaide Medical School and recently completed her NHMRC Postdoctoral Biomedical Fellowship.

The 2018 WCH Foundation Talent Within Award provided exhibition guidance and financial support for Dr Mashtoub to undertake this solo exhibition. She said ‘Invisible Threads’ provides a sense of belonging, community and place, and explores the connections with each other, the earth and universe.

The Orange Heart Gallery is located on Level 1, Zone E, Samuel Way walkway — on the way to the Volunteer’s Office.

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