Latest grants to make an impact in Paediatric Research

Every year our Foundation raises approximately $3 million for your Hospital, which equates to $1.5 million annually towards research and a further $1.5 million per year for equipment and projects to improve the Hospital environment.

Dr David Parsons, Adelaide Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Research Group, with sisters Savannah and Ruby.

Recently, we announced the next round of successful grant recipients for those seeking funding for research projects. The research projects awarded cover a wide cross-section of important areas in Paediatric healthcare. The grants and the areas of research who have received funding includes:

Dr Veronika Bandara

  • Awarded: $50,000.
  • Title: Functional screen of Type 1 Diabetes genetic risk regions in regulatory T cells.
  • Paediatrics & Reproductive Health. University of Adelaide – WCH Campus.

Prof Jenny Couper

  • Awarded: $75,000.
  • Title: Does treatment of early periodontal disease improve vascular health of children with Type 1 diabetes?
  • Endocrinology and Diabetes. WCHN – WCH Campus.

Dr Martin Donnelley

  • Awarded: $75,000.
  • Title: Effective re-dosing protocols for lasting cystic fibrosis lentiviral airway gene therapy.
  • Respiratory & Sleep Medicine. WCHN – WCH Campus.

A/Prof Maria Fuller

  • Awarded: $75,000.
  • Title: Treating inherited neurodegenerative disease in children.
  • Genetics and Molecular Pathology. SA Pathology – WCH Campus.

Prof Declan Kennedy

  • Awarded: $75,000.
  • Title: The effects of sleep disordered breathing on vascular development in children: A functional and structural assessment.
  • Paediatrics. WCHN – WCH Campus.

Dr James Martin

  • Awarded: $75,000.
  • Title: Cardiovascular and Autonomic Function, Inflammation and Oral Microbiota Diversity in Children with and without Sleep Disordered Breathing.
  • Respiratory and Sleep Medicine. WCHN – WCH Campus.

Dr Emilie Mas

  • Awarded: $75,000.
  • Title: Novel lipid profiling screening test to identify pre-eclampsia in first trimester.
  • Genetics and Molecular Pathology Biomedical Genetics. SA Pathology – WCH Campus.

Dr Merryn Netting

  • Awarded: $75,000.
  • Title: BabyEATS Study (Baby’s Eating and Allergen Timing Study): Parental Uptake of Infant Feeding Guidelines for Prevention of Allergy.
  • Healthy Mothers, Babies and Children’s Theme. SAHMRI – WCH Campus.

Dr Jennifer Saville

  • Awarded: $75,000.
  • Title: The neuronal lipidome: a therapeutic target for paediatric neurodegenerative disease.
  • Genetics & Molecular Pathology. SA Pathology – WCH Campus.

A/Prof Michael Stark

  • Awarded: $75,000.
  • Title: Accelerated biological aging in IVF-conceived and preterm infants.
  • Neonatal Medicine. WCHN – WCH Campus.

Congratulations to each of these clinicians. Our Foundation looks forward to supporting you further as your research progresses and updating our donors and supporters of the impact your achievements will have on various areas of Paediatric medicine.

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