Mind Empowering

You’ve come along way on your journey to being Really Ready for anaesthesia and surgery.

Taking the tours, learning about coming to hospital and using the Mind Calming techniques have got you to a point where you can really use your imagination to view coming to hospital from a different perspective. From a perspective that allows you to view this as an adventure, as a challenge that can be overcome, to grow, to become more resilient and to have a better outcome following surgery.

Along the journey you will have realised that all the hospital staff are working with you to care for your child and to make this as safe as they can.

The Mind Empowering techniques in this section will help you to work with your child to use their imagination and this will allow them to feel differently about coming to hospital. And when they view this differently they can be Really Ready.

Rather than viewing anaesthesia and surgery as something to be feared, we would like to help you to view it as an adventure. Something that starts of as an unknown or even a bit scary but becomes an adventure.

Kids are naturally curious, they have rich imaginations and are very capable of seeing things from another point of view. Maybe that new point of view is one where your child knows that the reason for the surgery is to make things better. Maybe it’s one where they can know they will be safe and cared for.  For example – won’t it be nice to be able to breath easily and have really good sleep – focussing on the end result rather than focussing on the surgery. So isn’t it good that we can have this surgery and make our breathing so much better. (Tonsillectomy for example). Aren’t we lucky to have this in such a magical way so we won’t even know it’s happening and all the doctors and nurses are looking after you the whole time.

In the “Mind Empowering” section you’ll come across three techniques which you can use directly from our videos or PDFs or you can make up your own similar techniques. The common theme is viewing things from a different perspective.


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