Basketball lived in imagination

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The great thing about basketball is that when you are outside, bouncing the ball, shooting baskets you really don’t notice anything else.

So, let’s go there now, in your imagination and see how this just takes you away.

For a moment, take yourself to where ever you play basketball.

Take a big relaxing breath and as you breathe out, close or half close your eyes.

Just start bouncing, bouncing the ball, just bouncing it, pushing it down as hard as you need to

Watching the ball at first, then just letting your hand know where the ball is as you look up

Hearing the ball smack against the ground

Knowing the ball is bouncing up

Then feeling it hot against your hand, against your fingers

And just as quickly pushing it firmly down again

Hearing it hit the ground, feeling it bouncing back and pushing it down again

Looking around as your hand just goes into automatic and keeps bouncing

As you look around you can see wherever you are, look at the surrounds, the people maybe your friends

As you keep bouncing the ball

Now start to dribble from one hand to the other, crossing it over in front of your legs

Keeping on bouncing, eyes up, hearing it hit the ground, feeling it bounce into your hand

Now find a friend in your imagination and begin to pass the ball back and forth

As you pass, notice how your arms straighten and the feeling of the ball roll off your fingers

Watch as the ball flies through the air and as your friend catches the ball

Watch as his arms bend and then straighten as he passes it back to you

Watch as the ball comes towards you

Move into the best position to catch, and then feel the ball hit your hands

Steady the ball and pass it straight back

Now, begin to move up the court dribbling once each time you catch the ball, then passing and watching your friend dribble once and then passing

Catch, dribble, pass

Catch, dribble, pass

You are doing great.

Now we are near the basket

Catch, stop, and shoot – as you catch take the ball in 2 hands

As you stop – jump to a stop with 2 feet glued to the floor

Bend your knees, put the ball in your shooting hand, and bend your elbow and wrist

Now straighten, straighten your knees, your elbow, your wrist and feel the ball roll across your fingers towards the basket.

Watch as the ball floats upwards in a big arc, and then flies downwards towards the basket

Hear the ball hit the ring, circle around the ring and then slide through for 2 points.

Your friend rebounds and passes it back this time you shoot and the ball has a big arc, and swoosh, it goes straight through – good shooting.


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