Orange Heart Gallery

Cooking Up Some Art

Artist: Nigel Brown, the Alchemist

Gallery Location: Level 1, Zone E – Samuel Way walkway, on the way to the Volunteer’s Office

Exhibition Dates: August – October 2020

Nigel is an artist, photographer, lover of science and an Alchemist! Nigel has experimented and created vibrant and sophisticated artworks using combinations of unlikely domestic ingredients.

Artworks by Nigel Brown.

In The Mix and Velvet Vortex by Nigel Brown.

The Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation is pleased to recognise this exhibition for Mental Health Week 2020. This year the focus is ‘Every Person, Every Community’. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Let’s take care of it together.

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For purchase enquiries, please contact the WCH Foundation by email or phone.

This exhibition is proudly part of the 2020 SALA Festival.