Yellow Heart Gallery

The Hospital and The Machine

Curated by: Emily Collins, Museum Consultant, WCHN History & Heritage Collection

Gallery Location: Level 1, Zone F — just past the Queen Victoria Lecture Theatre

Exhibition dates: August until the end of October 2020

In the Hospital, the Machine is everywhere. From the Elevator to the Ventilator, the Microwave to the Autoclave, the Machine is useful. To the modern Hospital, the Machine is indispensable.

This exhibition is a static procession of Machines once in the service of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. It zooms in on the histories and workings of manifold inventions and contraptions: the manual, the motorised and the electronic.

Whirring and clicking, The Hospital and The Machine takes us on a spin around the 1950s to 1980s, winding up as the Hospital revolutionises its systems to engage in the Computer Age. As analog gives way to digital, the Machines increase in complexity and automation.

The Machines of the Women's and Children's Hospital.

Turn back time: An image of an ultrasound from 1981 and the Centrifuge from 1965.

Machines have a hand – or lever – in operations throughout the Hospital. They are involved in diagnosis and research; cleaning and critical care; transportation and administration. Flaunting their buttons and dials, Machines are out in foyers and behind consulting-room doors. They are even up in the skies.

Their vocations are various. Some Machines are blood analysers. Others are record makers, picture takers. Some are information savers; others are life saviours.

Let us contemplate, and celebrate, the Hospital Machines.

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