Future Nurse’s Haircut Fundraiser

14-year-old Teiana is giving back to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) after spending the start of her life there.

“When I was 36 hours old, I was transferred from another hospital to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) because I was very sick. At first, they weren’t sure if it was a virus, meningitis or a stroke – it turned out to be a stroke,” Teiana says.

“Mum and Dad were told that I might never talk, and if I walked, it would probably be with callipers.”

Now, Teiana is in year nine at school and defying the odds.

“I know I am a complete miracle. I live with a brain injury and seizures, however I have never let it stop me. The care and support that Dr Chad Andersen and his team gave both me, Mum and Dad over the years has been amazing.”

Teiana in SCBU as a newborn and then years later with Dr Chad Andersen.

Haircut for Sick Kids

This March, Teiana rounded up four of her school friends, Hannah, Alice, Eden and Emily, and they chopped off their long locks to raise money for women, children and families cared for by the WCH.

“The Hospital has a special spot in my heart,” Teiana says.

“I wanted to give back to both the hospital and Dr Andersen so that is why I chose to raise money for the WCH Foundation.”

The haircut was a great success and the girls are thrilled with their new looks. They even sent their ponytails off to wigmakers to make charitable wigs.

“We all love our new haircuts! Knowing that our hair is going to people, maybe kids like us, and giving them joy, gives us great joy as well,” Teiana says.

“We were so excited when we hit the $6,000 mark! A little sacrifice for us can change lives … that’s amazing.”

They encourage other young people to try a fundraiser of their own.

“Just do it! Being able to change lives is a win/win situation – it brings joy to others and fills your heart knowing you are making a difference.”

Teiana and Emily super excited post-haircut!

The Future of Nursing

Teiana isn’t stopping at a haircut. She has heard many stories from her parents over the years about how amazing the care was that she received at the Hospital, which has given her the dream of becoming a paediatric nurse after school.

“I’d love to train as a paediatric nurse so that I can help kids in need,” she says.

“I’d also like to help their family during tough times, spread a little love, and give a little bit of hope and peace.”

Emily, Eden, Alice and Teiana loving their new dos!


Fundraise For Us

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