Arts in Health

Creating Greater Good through Arts in Health

The Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Arts in Health program creates a vibrant and bright hospital environment that helps to improve the health and wellbeing of patients, their families and staff at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The program alleviates anxiety, provides psychological support, and offers creative outlets for self-expression which aids in a young patient’s recovery.

The program delivers creative therapies, including art, play, music and animal therapy, to encourage curiosity and creativity that reduces the anxiety and distress of being in hospital.

“There have always been strong synergies between arts and health in relation to understanding the affect that the environment can have on a person or in the case of your Hospital, a child receiving treatment and their families, including their siblings.  Bringing the two together, with the purpose of improving health and wellbeing in our young patients, makes sense. By treating the whole child, instead of just their symptoms of illness or injury, Arts in Health helps children and families achieve better health outcomes,” Jill Newman, Arts in Health Manager, WCH Foundation.

From funding the Play Therapy team, providing pencils and colouring books in waiting areas, managing gallery spaces and artist workshops, and collaborating with Hospital School, the Arts in Health program is a critical service in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Throughout 2020 the WCH Foundation is celebrating 10 years of Arts in Health. Learn more about what the program has achieved over the last decade.