Intensive care humidifiers

The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) now has the latest technology in humidifiers to help patients’ airways and lungs function as best they can.

Baby Freyja was flown down with her family from the Northern Territory for treatment at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. She has a congenital condition and is being cared for in PICU.

Having a humidifier to use greatly improves her care whilst on a ventilator.

One of the new PICU humidifiers.

One of the new PICU humidifiers.

Jennifer Hurn, Equipment and Transport Facilitator Nurse Consultant in PICU, explains, “Humidification of oxygen and air helps to maintain the normal functions of the airways in the lungs.”

“The humidifiers basically replace the function of the nose by warming and humidifying the air that we breathe in.”

“PICU uses humidifiers for all patients who require a breathing tube and ventilator and those who require increased oxygen at high flow rates. These new humidifiers that were kindly donated by the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation are the latest release model by Fisher & Paykel and come with newly designed circuits and functions.”

Freyja in PICU using a humidifier.

Freyja in PICU using a humidifier.

There are lots of advantages to the new systems. There is less condensation in the circuits, they are touch screen, they have more intuitive alarms with troubleshooting advice, and they last longer which reduces waste and costs.

Jennifer says, “Thank you for helping us provide the best care for the patients in PICU. We are so grateful.”

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