More than a holiday home

For many families planning a holiday, boarding the plane and arriving at the destination is a time filled with great excitement.

For parents of children who are very sick, the stress of getting on a plane, the need to take so much equipment and medicine, coupled with the fear of being a distance away from their child’s doctors, unfortunately often deters the family from going away.

However, these families still want and need to holiday and create treasured memories, especially when they sense it could be their last trip together.

The Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation Beach House is a very special place for children with complex medical needs and life-limiting illness and their families to enjoy and create memories.

The Beach House at Victor Harbor. Photo: Danny Jenkins Photography.

The home is specifically designed, constructed and medically equipped to meet the needs of the children, making it truly accessible for the families. The stunning design, interiors and landscaping of the Beach House have created a beautiful sanctuary where families can relax. The home meets all of their medical requirements, but feels nothing like a hospital.

Remiko Prosser and her daughter Allira are one of the first families to stay at the Beach House.

Remiko shared why the Beach House is so important to families like hers.

“We’ve been fortunate as a family to experience some amazing holidays with Allira. These holidays have been extremely hard to achieve and have many times ended up in hospitals all over the country. In saying that, those beautiful, smiley and happy memories are so worth the risks we’ve had to take.

Remiko and her daughter Allira guests of the Beach House. 

“Unfortunately, these days it’s simply too hard for us to continue to travel with Allira. Her health is no longer stable. Aeroplanes and disabled toilets don’t have anywhere appropriate for us to change her nappies. Hotels and holiday homes don’t have electronic hoists to lift her from her beds to assist with her reflux and bed sores.

“I have to pack her mountain of medication and specialised feeds and pray that I didn’t forget one of them.

“This is exactly why the Beach House project is so vital and important to families likes ours. It means we can once again enjoy time with our friends and family to create forever memories and for once feel ‘normal’ and not so isolated and alone.”

To learn more about the Beach House click here.

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