Nurses Roll Call reunion lunches

During the months of July and August, the WCH Foundation was delighted to host a series of reunion lunches (see photos below) as an opportunity to share our newly created Nurses Roll Call digital book with all those who participated in our Nurses Roll Call.

Until the late 1980s, nurses could undertake hospital-based training at the Adelaide Children’s Hospital (as it was then known). For the vast majority of nurses, this involved up to three and a half years of training and living onsite in the nurses home.

In April 2022, the WCH Foundation launched a Nurses Roll Call where past trainee nurses were asked to share their stories and photos with us, and over 250 entries were received! Many stories highlighted how training at “The Kids” were some of the happiest years of their lives, with lifelong friendships formed.

To learn more about the Nurses Roll Call, and to view this very special digital book, click here.

Graduating years: 50s and 60s

Graduating years: 70s

Graduating years: 80s and 90s


View the Nurses Roll Call digital book


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