Research Rockstar – Dr David Moore

With your support, the Foundation invests over $1.5 million annually in research within the Women’s and Children’s Health Network. This year we are celebrating these Research Rockstars and the vital work they do.

Dr David Moore of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital’s Gastroenterology and Paediatric Medicine Department is one of this year’s recipients of a MS McLeod Research Grant. His research is in the most common cause of Chronic Liver Disease, which currently affects up to 20% of overweight and obese children. Dr Moore is seeking to develop a new diagnostic non-evasive method known as the 13C-ketoisocaprote breath test to assess the metabolic capacity of the liver in paediatric patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NFALD).

“Our research team hopes that this this non-invasive breath test will lead to an improved method of monitoring of liver damage in overweight and obese children and their response to treatment.” Dr Moore said.

What this means is that Dr Moore’s research will allow Paediatricians to perform a safe non-invasive breath test to provide early diagnosis for things such as insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Early diagnosis will lead to better treatment and earlier intervention and ultimately better health outcomes for these children.

Dr Moore’s work for the hospital does not end with his vital research project; Dr Moore is also a donor to our Foundation. As one of our regular givers, his contributions help to make the hospital look and feel better every day for children and their families. These contributions don’t just fund transformative research; they also go towards vital hospital equipment and support a range of innovative, family-centred initiatives that continually improve the hospital environment.

“The Foundation is such an important way of supporting clinical and basic research across the Women’s and Children’s Health Network, I would like to encourage all medical staff show their support through regular donation.”

With the support from our donors, we are able fund project such as this one, improving treatments and the hospital environment, making a difference to the lives of families every day.

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