Super Mum: Sabina kc

Sabina kc and her husband Sanjiv welcomed their first child Divyank on December 14, 2016.

At 10 months of age, Divyank was diagnosed with Crouzon and Pfeiffer syndromes by veteran craniofacial surgeon, Professor David David.

In the past 17 months, Divyank has had 12 major surgeries, mostly to the head and brain, 11 of which have been at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Sabina is a Super Mum this Mother’s May and she shares her story.

“It has been an extremely tough time for our family for the past two years. I have been a full-time carer to Divyank, and Sanjiv has not regularly been at work due to the severity of Divyank’s condition and the need for him to join and support us during the lengthy hospital stays.

“Despite of all this when I am with Divyank at home I forget the past and all the hardship we have had in recent time. We are happy and feel blessed to have him with us.

Sabina kc and her son, Divyank.

“Before coming to Adelaide, Divyank saw doctors in three different hospitals in the ACT, which is our home state, and NSW, however his condition continued to deteriorate. Divyank had trouble breathing and would often choke while sleeping in the middle of the night and it was getting worse and worse.

“Sanjiv and I were researching intensively as I felt the urgency of intervention and at that stage we were prepared to do anything and go anywhere for treatment.

“Sanjiv found the work of Professor David. Initially he thought he was based overseas, but when he carried out more research, we found that Professor David was based in Adelaide. The first time we saw Professor David was at his clinic at Macquarie University in September 2017. He instantly recognised Divyank’s condition as severe and we were immediately advised to travel to Adelaide for immediate surgery and told there would be many more in the future.

Sanjiv, Divyank and Sabina kc.

“Divyank has one of the rarest and most severe Craniosynostosis conditions, which has also caused issues with his eye, ear, nose, teeth and spine. He has a severe breathing problem and requires high flow oxygen machine to assist with breathing while he sleeps.

“Every night can be so hard as Divyank wakes up a lot and I don’t sleep almost at all. But every time Divyank wakes, he has a cheeky smile and it is beautiful.

“Everything is amazing about being a mum, and being his mum is very rewarding. Every moment with him is so special.

“As a mother, I don’t think of anything but love for him and have the belief that after all his surgeries he will be able to live a normal life. We love him so much.”

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