Zoë’s soaring spirit

Budding young artist, Zoë, is a patient under the care of the Michael Rice Centre for Haematology and Oncology and has a “huge passion for art”.

10-year-old Zoë says, “I like art because it is very inspiring and I love it in a way that I can’t explain. I think that I have been inspired by art my whole life.”

Through our Arts in Health Program, we provided creative support to Zoë to develop her own solo exhibition in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital – Eternal Flames and Soaring Spirits.

This support has ensured that Zoë is seen as more than her Leukaemia diagnosis and allows her creativity and art talents to shine.

Zoë explains, “Sadly, last year I got sick with Leukaemia and had to stay away from school and be in hospital.”

“I met artist Mali Isabel just after she had done an art workshop at the Hospital and we spoke to Lauren from the Arts in Health Program to see if I could do an exhibition and she said yes!”

Once Zoë’s exhibition was installed, her mum, Charlotte, didn’t tell her it was up yet and surprised her by taking her past. When Zoë realised it was her art on the walls of the Hospital, she was so excited! She says she just couldn’t stop smiling.

Zoë also planned a special surprise herself for her little sister, Bronte, allowing a spot in her exhibition for one of Bronte’s pieces. Bronte couldn’t believe she got to be included and was so thrilled to see her art on display amongst her big sister’s work.

‘Polar the ice dragon’ and ‘Arie the fire dragon’.

The inspiration behind this particular exhibition comes from Zoë’s love and fascination for dragons.

She says, “Dragons have been a passion of mine for two years. The way I got into them was because I read an amazing story about them called Wings of Fire.”

“I think dragons have been helping me through my sickness because when I think about dragons, I feel stronger. I think that dragons are not monsters but just misunderstood mythical creatures.”

“My ice dragon, Polar, gives me inspiration. Polar is a very young little dragon, and she has very powerful magic. I think that says that even though you’re young, you’re powerful.”

Zoë thanks her mum, dad, friends and dragons for supporting her through her sickness and being kind.

For anyone currently looking for some strength, Zoë has some wonderful words of wisdom:

“We all have the power of the Wings of Fire!”

Zoë and her mum, Charlotte, with her exhibition.

Zoë and her mum, Charlotte, with her exhibition.

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