Building the extraordinary Beach House

Bella Build & Design

“The most remarkable journey of their lives” are the words the owners of Bella Build & Design use to describe being involved in the Beach House project.

Bella Build & Design, led by Paul and Marisa Bellardino, was appointed the official build partner of the Beach House in early-2018. Turning of the sod took place in late-August 2018 and after the nine-month build the Bella team handed the Beach House over to the WCH Foundation on May 28.

Throughout the journey, they learned how to fundraise on a large scale and incredibly surpassed their $1 million fundraising target. Collectively and collaboratively they engaged their close team of staff, trades, suppliers and contractors who fully committed to the build and delivered a beautiful bespoke home to the WCH Foundation.

“This project is much more than one or two people; there are many people who have been very, very generous; who can see this is an important long-term project that will benefit many generations, and that’s really important,” – Paul and Marisa Bellardino.

Bella Build and Design handover with WCH Foundation

WCH Foundation Chairman Nick Begakis AO, Bella Build & Design’s Paul Condessa and Helen Rapuano, WCH Foundation CEO Jane Scotcher and Head of Corporate Services Jodi Wright, and Bella Build & Design owners Paul and Marisa Bellardino, at handover on May 28.

Reflecting on the beautiful home

Marisa said the completed Beach House is much more than she expected it would be.

“The size is beautiful; the light is lovely, and it has a nice calming aspect that the families will love. My favourite space is the kitchen. I love the natural light in the open kitchen, dining and family room. It is a gathering place, where families can share how they have spent their day and enjoy a meal together,” she said.

“On a beautiful sunny day, they will be able to open the doors to the deck and create a beautiful extended space looking out over the water. It is our hope that this magnificent home enables the families staying here a welcoming place to make little moments that will become tomorrow’s precious memories.”

Images of Bella’s remarkable build project

In July 2018, the Bella Build & Design Fundraising Dinner was held at Adelaide Oval where 500 people attended and a staggering $157,410 was raised.

On March 13 2019, a working bee was held at the Beach House where Bella staff and trades volunteered their time.

An image taken in July 2019 of the finished kitchen and living area by Danny Jenkins Photography. For more images of the finished house, head to our Beach House page.



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