Lost along the coast

Artist: Wayne Willis

Gallery Location: Level 1, Zone E – Samuel Way walkway, on the way to the Volunteer’s Office

Exhibition Dates: November 2019 – 31 January 2020

Wayne’s grandfather gifted him his old camera in 2001, and from that moment he was hooked! With a long-time fascination in the natural world, photography has allowed Wayne to get up close and explore it’s many wonderous facets.

This exhibition focuses on South Australian beaches, which Wayne feels hold many treasures and hopes that viewers can recognise the great beauty we can access locally.

Being by the sea is a source of peace for Wayne and his aim is for viewers to get an intimate appreciation of the way the ocean interacts with us. Wayne often uses techniques involving long exposures, enabling him to capture the movement and flow of the ocean or clouds.

‘Leave the fast-paced world behind and experience the place where the sun and ocean meet’.

For more information download the exhibition brochure.

To learn more about Wayne’s work, visit his Facebook or Instagram page.

For purchase enquiries, please contact the WCH Foundation by email or phone.


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