Building the Beach House

The dream for the Beach House

In 1999, Nurse Practitioner Sara Fleming set up the first Paediatric Palliative Care Service in Australasia at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide.

Every day, this team helps children and families, who have limited time together, live for every month. Out of her desire to make a difference, the dream for the Beach House was born.

In 2013, when the WCH Foundation heard of Sara’s dream to build the Beach House and the difference it would make, the Foundation was driven to make it a reality and felt compelled to take on the ambitious, but necessary project.

Making the Beach House a reality

The WCH Foundation partnered with South Australian business to design, build and landscape the Beach House.

Turning of the sod took place in August 2018. The Beach House was completed in late-May 2019.

Official Build Partner – Bella Build & Design

Architect – Greenway Architects

Landscaping – Coastal Landscapes and Fencing

Photo credit: Danny Jenkins Photography.


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