Beach House milestone: construction complete!

The WCH Foundation Beach House project has reached fruition with the construction of the home completed.

While this milestone means the significant project for Bella Build & Design has come to an end, Bella’s owners and employees know an exciting chapter for the families who will enjoy the stunning home they have helped create has begun.

WCH Foundation Chairman Nick Begakis AO, Bella Build & Design Paul Condessa and Helen Rapuano, WCH Foundation CEO Jane Scotcher and Head of Corporate Services Jodi Wright, and Bella Build & Design owners Paul and Marisa Bellardino.

The special morning: handover

On Tuesday 28 May 2019, Bella Build & Design’s owners Marisa and Paul Bellardino officially handed over the Beach House keys to the WCH Foundation’s former Chairman Nick Begakis AO and Chief Executive Jane Scotcher.

“On behalf of Marisa and I, and the Bella team, we are so thankful for the opportunity to be involved with the Beach House,” Paul said.

“When we met with the Foundation in March 2018, we set ourselves a goal to build the Beach House. Thanks to the help of a lot of generous people, those who have worked with us on the build and our new family at the Foundation, it has been a wonderful experience and we have achieved our goal.

“Throughout the project we were focussed on getting the construction done, but now it is complete the magnitude of what we have created is sinking in. Over the next few months and once we see the first family visit, that is when the emotions will truly hit home.”

Nick said it was clear the Bella team had put a lot of heart and soul into the Beach House.

“We started on this journey with Bella just over a year ago and it has been a fabulous,” he said.

“The Beach House is more than just a building project to Bella; they know the impact their work represents and will have on the families who stay.

“On behalf of the WCH Foundation’s Board and staff, we thank Bella and we look forward to welcoming the first families.”

A beautiful design

Marisa said the completed Beach House is much more than she expected it would be.

“The size is beautiful, the light is lovely, and it has a nice calming aspect that the families will really love, and I hope will offer them an escape,” she said.

“My favourite space is the kitchen. I love the natural light in the open kitchen, dining and family room. It is a gathering place, where families can share how they have spent their day and enjoy a meal together. On a beautiful sunny day, they will be able to open the doors to the deck and create a beautiful extended space looking out over the water.”

The people and moments to be cherished

When asked ‘what makes him most proud of the project’ Paul answered, “the way everyone has come together to make it happen”.

“You can’t underestimate the generosity of all our friends, family, suppliers and contractors who have worked with us on this project. They have all had the same goal of helping the families who will stay here, and I don’t think we could achieve this without them. It’s a team effort,” he said.

“Of course, the start and finish of the construction are key, exciting moments, but another moment that is special to me was pre-construction when we held our fundraiser at the Adelaide Oval. We had never organised anything like that before. It was an unbelievable success and we raised over $155,000.

“Another moment was the Bella working bee when everyone in our team donated their day. It was a fantastic day. We achieved a lot and there was also great camaraderie within the crew.”

Next steps at the Beach House

In the first two weeks of June 2019, the nature play space was created by Coastal Landscaping & Fencing.

To find out more and to support the Beach House project, click here.

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