Memory-making at the Beach House

Allowing families to make precious memories together is one of the most special things about our Laklinyeri Beach House, and Grace’s family did just that.

Grace was born 24 weeks premature, and suffered a brain injury. As a result, she has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy and is legally blind and non-verbal.

Now 12 years old, Grace has many touch points across the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, including rehabilitation, neurology, gastroenterology, dermatology, gynaecology and ophthalmology.

Her family were very keen to stay at our Laklinyeri Beach House – a purpose-built holiday home in Victor Harbor for families of children in palliative care or with complex medical needs.

Before their trip, her mum, Kimberley, said:

“Given Grace’s complex medical needs, we know that tomorrow is never promised with her.”

“We would be so appreciative to go away and continue to make memories with her together as a family and with those closest to her.”

Grace and her mum Kimberly feeding the animals at Urimbirra Wildlife Park.

Grace and her mum Kimberley feeding the animals at Urimbirra Wildlife Park.

In the lead-up to the trip, the family were so looking forward to visiting Urimbirra Wildlife Park, and had a wonderful time when the day came.

As Beach House Program Partners, HAS Foundation contributes to extra special memory-making activities for families to experience during their holiday at the Beach House. This can include visits to the Urimbirra Wildlife Park, a family photography session, a ride on the cockle train or a massage for the parents/caregivers.

Grace’s mum, Kimberley, said, “There are no words to express the immense gratitude we feel for this special time away in this incredible home.”

“From the moment we arrived, I was very overcome with emotion at the incredible generosity of food on the table and vouchers to attractions.”⁠

“One I will particularly treasure is the photography. Capturing memories of our two children and family here – how can we ever thank you⁠?”⁠

Grace’s family enjoying their day out at Urimbirra Wildlife Park.

Grace’s family enjoying their day out at Urimbirra Wildlife Park.

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