The Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation is delighted to announce the first grant round of 2021.

The grant rounds are open to applications from any member of the staff or staff teams of the Women’s and Children’s Health Network.

Grant applications will be accepted for the following purposes: 

  • To improve the health and wellbeing of children in their first 1,000 days
  • To improve the mental health and wellbeing of women and children under the care of the WCH Network
  • To improve the transition of children from adolescent care to adult care
  • To support culturally diverse groups, both patient and family – focused on supporting them in their hospital journey

Total grant funds of $170,000 are available at the following levels: 

  • One grant of $50,000
  • Ten grants of up to $10,000. The Foundation will accept multiple applications from the same individual and unit
  • One grant of $20,000 specifically for applications that benefit the NICU/ SCBU area.

Only applications that have been approved by a business unit manager and meet the accepted purposes above will be considered


  • 1 March 2021 grant round opens
  • 31 March 2021 grant applications are due
  • 30 April 2021 grant awards are announced


Can I apply as an individual? 

No, applications will be accepted from staff on behalf of the WCH network and funds will be disbursed to SA Health.

How will the funds be disbursed? 

Funds will be disbursed to the business unit that approved the grant application.

I don’t work at the Hospital but can I still apply? 

Yes, we are accepting applications from staff of the Women’s and Children’s Health Network.

Can I apply to use these funds for a research project? 

No, these grants are not intended to support research. Please take a look at our other range of funding that is available for research here.

Can I submit more than one application? 

Yes, you can submit applications for more than one project. We do encourage you to apply for the project(s) that you feel best align with our priority areas listed on the application form.

What type of projects can I apply for? 

The WCH Foundation is looking to fund impactful projects that will make the Hospital experience look and feel better for women, children and their families. Perhaps you would like to offer a new resource, implement an activity, expand part of an existing service, or undertake a creative or innovative project that will support WCH patients and families. We’re looking for your ideas on how to make the WCHN experience the best it can be, inside and outside of the Hospital.

If successful, when will I receive the funds? 

Funds will be provided to your relevant Business Unit before 30 June 2021.

Do I have to apply for the full amount? 

No, you can apply for up to the maximum amount available (one grant of $50,000, 10 grants of $10,000 and one grant of $20,000 for NICU/SCBU). If successful, you will be awarded with the amount your project requires within this band.

Why is there a grant available just for NICU/SCBU? 

This grant round is funded through donations from WCH Foundation supporters. A number of these donations have been provided for specific areas of the Hospital.

Are there any conditions if I am successful? 

All successful recipients will be required to submit a report and financial acquittal for their project. We also expect successful awardees to collaborate with the WCH Foundation to provide content for social media, newsletters and our website to demonstrate the impact of their project to our donors.  Any other conditions relating to your award will be advised prior to the award being made.


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