Donors help the ED scan their way to faster diagnosis

Our 2017 February Appeal and the Sabrina Mangos Family Fund raised over $70,000 to purchase a new Ultrasound Scanner for the Paediatric Emergency Department at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Michael Mangos and Sandro Citti of the Sabrina Mangos Foundation, with Dr Davinda Gill (centre).

Dr Davinder Gill, from the Paediatric Emergency Department (PED) said, “the design is more friendly to use, and it’s transportable, smaller and lighter than traditional Ultrasound Machines.”

Each year the PED treats over 45,000* children. The Ultrasound Scanner our donors have made possible is used up to 100 times per month to take images which assists diagnosis and treatment by producing a clear picture for medical staff of internal organs and blood vessels.

Each year our Foundation is able to provide over $3 million dollars in support across the hospital by purchasing vital equipment, funding ground-breaking research or making improvements to the hospital environment. All this is made possible by the support we receive from our donors and partners.

“This is just one example of the amazing impact our donors and supporters have on the lives of others and to the entire hospital community. Without their contribution we wouldn’t be able to make this kind of difference for the hospital and the families it supports,” said Jane Scotcher, CEO WCH Foundation.

For information on our current appeal, visit Hannah’s Story. 


*PED figure for 2016/17 as provided by the Women’s and Children’s Hospital is 46,685 children treated.

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