Help kids like Pippa get home.

Every year in Australia, one million kids are admitted to hospital and 50% of them suffer from homesickness. In sick kids, it can lead to depression, anxiety, and their symptoms getting worse.

Pippa (3), was born with a rare genetic disorder called 2q13 microdeletion linked with child-development delay, intellectual disability, feeding difficulties and low muscle tone.

Pippa at home with mum, Hayley, in Port Augusta.

Needing a paediatric specialist, Pippa was torn away from the security of her home and travelled 308km to receive critical treatment at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH). These visits became more frequent, resulting in her being away from her family for up to two weeks at any given time.

Pippa’s mum, Hayley, says, “Hospital admissions are hard. But being 3.5 hours away from your support system, your own bed, just your own kitchen, is a whole other level. Watching your baby be poked and prodded and not being able to breathe or tap out for even just two minutes was so hard.”

3 year old Pippa with her mum Hayley.
Three year old Pippa with her feeding tube in.

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