Ros Clarke

Ros Clarke, Golden Hearts Bequestor.

Why I am remembering the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation in my Will…

“I believe leaving a bequest is more than leaving a financial gift – it’s the chance to perpetuate the values and beliefs one has held as important throughout one’s life.

“I see leaving a gift in my Will to the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation as an investment in the health of future generations. It’s an opportunity to enable the women’s and Children’s Hospital to sustain their services into the future, and respond to emerging community health needs. I feel good knowing my gift could one day provide life-saving hospital equipment, and other resources the hospital can’t do without.

“My gift will be a lasting legacy that can transform the lives of South Australian families beyond my own lifetime.

“My husband and children support my decision to help the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation. Anyone can share their ‘golden heart’ – all gifts will make a difference in the lives of others.”

Ros Clarke has generously remembered the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation in her Will and is a member of the Golden Hearts Bequest Society.


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