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PLAY IS EVERYTHING. Play is what children do naturally. Play is learning and laughing. Play is curiosity and surprise.

However, for a sick child in hospital play means so much more. Play becomes hope, recovery, and healing. Play allows a child to be a child. Play really is everything.

This year the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation is celebrating 10 years of Arts in Health at your Hospital. Funded by donations from the community, Arts in Health plays an incredibly important role in the recovery and wellbeing of sick children and their families, helping to lessen anxiety, improve mental wellbeing and reduce hospital stays.

Get your free Activity Pack today and help celebrate arts and play!

Our fabulous free Activity Pack has been created with help from Play Therapists at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and is bursting with fun activities to keep children busy, inspired and entertained, because we all know that play is so important!

These Packs are provided with help from our friends at Subway and the best part is hundreds just like this are being delivered to children in the Hospital!

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