The Medicine of Art

Artist: Nikki Carabetta-Baugh

Gallery Location: Level 1, Zone E – Samuel Way walkway, on the way to the Volunteer’s Office

Exhibition Dates: May – July 2019.

Nikki Carabetta-Baugh considers herself an Aboriginal urban artist, combining traditional dot painting techniques with contemporary methods and mediums – ‘this is a reflection of how my culture has evolved and adapted itself to my modern urban lifestyle, far removed from the way I grew up. It is the combination of the two that makes my work unique. Whilst there are Dreaming stories involving the symbols, I use I have not employed all of them in my artwork. My artwork reflects my love and respect for ‘country’ and is an affirmation of my connection to culture and country.’

This exhibition celebrates NAIDOC Week (7-14 July 2019), with the theme VOICE. TREATY. TRUTH. ‘Let’s work together for a shared future.

For more information download the exhibition brochure.

For purchase enquiries, please contact the WCH Foundation by email or phone.

For more information on this artist’s work, visit the Nikki Carabetta-Baugh Facebook page.


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