Lived in Imagination

Listen to the “Lived-In Imagination” audios or read them to your kids. Find one that suits your child’s favourite activities and then bring it to life by firing their imagination. The secret is to relive their favourite activity by painting a picture, making a movie in their mind and then actually being in that movie. But make it a movie where you not only see and hear things, but a movie where you feel the weather, you can feel the bike pedals under your feet, you smell the flowers. Bring it to life. Make it a movie that your kid is in, rather than just watching. The audios will guide you.

As you tell them the story and make the movie you can involve them fully by asking about details – you will be amazed at how they can use their imagination to bring it alive. What is the weather like, what are you wearing, who else is with you, can you hear any birds, can you feel the breeze. Once the story has started, start to narrow it down, become more and more focussed on all the small details, and as they become more and more focussed they can listen to your suggestions that they will be safe and cared for.

Listen or share the examples we have for you and then adapt them to your child’s favourite things. There are a lot of activities, choose one or two that suits you.


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