Pop-up exhibition: The good, the beautiful and the true

Whilst learning about students’ experiences at the Hospital School, Cabra Year 10 Fashion Design class was given the brief to create a textile design to be printed and sewn into scarves.

These scarves are now on display in a pop-up exhibition on Level 1, Zone C in the corridor opposite the Sacred Space until the end of January 2020. The exhibition was made possible by the support of the WCH Foundation’s Arts in Health project.


Cabra student Amelia with the scarf she designed on show in the WCH.

Sally Lawrey, Art + Design teacher at Cabra Dominican College has shared the process of creating the scarves and what her students learnt throughout the project.

“A collaboration such as this presents obvious challenges. Students embraced the task and relished the opportunity to connect with a group outside of their own community. The Cabra Year 10 Fashion Design class were given the brief to create a textile design to be printed and sewn into scarves. Taking inspiration from their school song they began working around the words “The good, the beautiful and the true”.

During the design process, Hospital School Principal, Matthew McCurry, visited Cabra to provide further insight into the Hospital School environment and circumstances of some of their students. Cabra students were humbled to hear stories of who might attend a hospital school, for how long, in what capacity, and also how these students integrate back into mainstream schooling following their hospital stay.

Students reflected on their own schooling and how they might feel if that experience had been different. They considered being away from their friends for extended periods of time, learning with students of various ages, or simply not being in a traditional classroom, yet it was the lost connection to their community they felt would be most difficult.

Cabra students wrote to the Hospital School with introductions and discussion about what “The good, the beautiful and the true”, meant to them. The responding letters identified the many similarities in thinking between the groups as they focused on themes that spoke to them all.

The Good – relationships with family and friends, the importance of these strong and reliable bonds. Education and the joy of learning.

The Beautiful – inner-beauty, kindness, empathy, understanding. A smile. Nature and the both calming and energising effects of being in the natural environment.

The True – being present and mindful. Accepting and respecting each and every individual.  Authentic experiences.

Cabra students took these concepts and visually interpreted them through drawing and painting to develop a series of images ready for printing. The original images were scanned and manipulated to create repeated patterns that were printed in Sydney onto their chosen fabrics. On return the fabrics were cut and sewn into scarves ready for wear.

The final products displayed here, their own objects of beauty, embody the shared ideas of the students involved. They represent a coming together and an acknowledgement of the value in reaching out and building new relationships. The scarves will stay with the WCH School students as a tactile reminder of their connection to the wider school community.

It has been a wonderfully rewarding experience to work with the Hospital School and Arts in Health, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation and a one that Cabra College hopes to repeat.”

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